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Turn your Google Sheet into an Web Apps simplyAnyone can easily use it as an internal tool, client tool, or external web service
No Programming, No Design, No Drag&Drop needed
You can easliy add a very useful function to your Google Sheets
Start with a TemplateVarious Ready-to-Use Templates
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No training needed,Create right awayJust add some powerful functions. You can add Pictures, Tags, Buttons and many more functions easily.
✔ No Programming skills needed✔ No need to design✔ No need to Drag & Drop
You can also use it on your phone easilyDon’t have a PC with you? No worries! you can easily access and create from your phone.
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・The Branding of Cover・External Publication・300 lines for each web application・Unlimited Web Apps・3 View-only users
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Cover is a service that allows you to easily add various functions on top of Google Sheets data. It can be used as an internal tool, a client tool, or a web service for external use.

A Google account is required to use Cover. You also need to allow access to Google Drive and Google Sheets from Cover.

In Cover, the unit of access to Google Sheets is an application. One app can connect to only one Google Sheet. If there are multiple sheets in one sheet, you can switch sheets within the app.

This is the maximum number of sheets that can be read when connecting to a Google Sheet from the application. If there are multiple sheets in one sheet, the limit is set for each sheet.

Workspace units can be published externally. When published externally, all applications and all connected sheets will be published. *Cover branding badge appears in the lower left corner of the personal plan.

Templates are a feature that allows you to copy pre-made apps and Google Sheets to your own workspace. You can easily start an app from various templates such as task management, shopping list, and art management.

Google Sheet is more convenient for work and life. You can use it for various purposes such as collaboration and personal task management.Try it for FREENo Programming, No Design, No Drag&Drop needed
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